Nostalgic Album Cover

Nostalgic for Right Now

Band :
Title : Nostalgic for Right Now
Release Date : January 7, 2007
Label :
Format : CD



This is rock n’ roll music played by regular dudes who don’t give a fuck about looking the part. “Nostalgic for Right Now” finds the Hat (now a 3-piece) tearing through eleven cuts of hard-hitting rock n’ roll, punk-infused rockabilly, and explosive harmony-laden power pop. With plenty of guitar grit, Ruth’s Hat adds an aggressive punk rock edge to their far-reaching rock n’ roll roots, sounding like a blended party of Chuck Berry, The Ramones, Green Day, Hank Williams, and The Who. Don’t expect scenester politics, whimpy emo laments, hipster posturing, sneering faux-attitude or shameless rock star excesses, just catchy-as-hell songs anchored by timeless rock n’ roll themes: long roads, broken relationships, and alcoholic beverages. This is the definitive Ruth’s Hat, indispensable for fans and newbies alike. (Fastmusic)